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Now you can seamlessly convert prospects into leads with TikTok Lead Generation.

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Cultivate prospects and engage leads across a range of objectives.

  • Identify and qualify potential customers for your product or service.
  • Gain valuable insights and information from your target audience via surveys, questionnaires, or feedback forms.
  • Generate sign-ups and downloads for launches, events, and digital products.

Save Time, Gain Leads

Increase conversion

Instant forms load faster than a typical landing page and, offer the ability to prepopulate fields based on known information, driving a higher conversion rate.

Tailor your messages

Fully customizable message design allows you to insert your own messaging and layout, making the whole process quicker and the context relevant to the users.

Immediate engagement

One-click data exports enable captured data to be immediately actionable and prospects to be promptly engaged 9x faster than a landing page on TikTok.