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Benefits of Lead Generation

Built for mobile

By hosting the Instant Form within the TikTok app, the Lead Generation objective allows your customers to learn about your brand and answer your questions directly on TikTok - rather than waiting for a landing page to load.

Pre-populated Fields

When you create an Instant Form you can select that certain fields be pre-populated with the basic information of TikTok users. This is a simple feature that makes it easier for your customers to share their information.

Customize your form

You can completely customize the questions you want to ask your audience. This will allow you to collect the information that is important to your business.

Instantly access your data

Use the TikTok Marketing API to connect your leads data directly to your CRM or download your leads data directly from TikTok Ads Manager, allowing you to quickly follow up on your leads.

Let TikTok's Leads Generation tool lead you to more customers

TikTok's Lead Generation is a type of advertising objective that allows your customers to share their information with you, directly on TikTok. When you select Lead Generation as your advertising objective, you will be able to publish an in-feed video ad that is connected with an Instant Form. Watch the video for a brief overview of how Lead Generation on TikTok works.

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Lead Generation has multiple use cases across industries

  • Create a form where people can sign up for your loyalty program.
  • Offer free samples to grow your customer base.
  • Host a contest to get engagement and obtain customer insights.
  • Boost new releases and attract sign ups for free or trial subscriptions.
  • Drive ticket pre-sales for new releases or live events.
  • Announce new titles and recruit players to register for a game pre-launch.
  • Drive players to sign up for exclusive gifts or in-game events.
  • Share information about your programs and courses with potential students.
  • Encourage prospective students to visit your website after they submit your form.
  • Have interested customers schedule an appointment for a test drive at your dealership.
  • Showcase specific makes and models and redirect traffic to your website.

See how Nina Ricci found success using TikTok's Lead Generation

Nina Ricci saw a 42% conversion rate, 1.5% click-through rate, and 83% drop in cost per lead (CPL) in their campaign to build awareness of new fragrance, by offering sign-ups a free sample. This was a huge success form Ricci's business. Check the video out below and see how they used Lead Generation to their advantage

Tips for crafting Instant Form

Brand logo
& image

Add pictures of your product or service in both header and footer.

offering & slogan

Highlight promotional offerings and slogans to generate interest among prospects and entice them to fill out the instant form.

Refined question as teaser

We support a max. 10 questions in the forn, but recommended using no more than 6.

Thank-you page with action

Add a call-to-action button in the Thank-you Page so that the users can learn more about your product or service.